SUM Technologies offers technical support for the products that we sell and for all Robertshaw Centeron gauges and associated equipment and software.

Please note: Initial configuration of the Centeron WebView web site is charged according to the items specified on the Services page.

Our technical support email address is:

For items sold by SUM Technologies, the less involved technical questions that can be handled by email are free. For more involved issues, the first issue would be free. You may be charged for future issues depending on the nature of the issue.

For items sold by others, basic issues that can be handled by email are free and the more involved issues that require extended email exchanges, phone conversations and/or direct computer work will be charged at the rate of $42.50 per hour.

If phone support is required, we will email the phone number to you or you can provide us with your phone number.

In any case, please contact us first via email so we can determine how extensive the issue is and if it can be handled via email or if you will require phone support (and if you will be charged for the support).